Reach to Teach Foundation was set up in 2018 as a Section 8 Company under Companies Act 2013. Our focus is to create access to quality education by driving sharper learning outcomes. We strive to do this by engaging children and teachers through experiential and activity-based elements in day-to-day lessons. Children are naturally curious and our aim is to engage this curiosity in an environment where see-feel-touch-hear are key elements to learning.

Reach to Teach Foundation aligns with State Education Departments to co-create system strengthening frameworks and tools to drive focussed learning outcomes. It works on a peer-to-peer dissemination model to rollout interventions at scale.


Every child will have access to quality education to enable them to become confident social citizens with improved life chances.


We strive to improve education outcomes by making learning joyful, working with governments, partners, parents and communities, with foundational learning skills at the core.

Our Work

At Reach to Teach Foundation our aim is to rollout a School Transformation Programme. Our programme objective is to strengthen teaching and learning outcomes by incorporating activity-based and experiential elements in teaching and learning material. We lay a great deal of emphasis on cultivating and enhancing teacher agency through an interactive methodology. We rollout our work through four pillars:

Our Partners

Strategic Partners

Murty Trust

Infosys Foundation

Government Partners

NITI Aayog

State Education Department
Arunachal Pradesh

Meghalaya State Education Department

Service Partners

People Pulse